"Let's enjoy a workout by playing modified cricket!"

Are you doing enough exercise outdoors recently?
Are you able to meet up with your friends recently?
Are you laughing outside your home?
Our activities are restricted due to this coronavirus outbreak this year.
Some people are not able to go to school or work.
It is difficult to make friends and enjoy your time to your heart's content.

Shall we enjoy ourselves?
Why don't we have a good time, enjoying playing cricket together?
Shall we laugh together, playing cricket?

2021 Cricket Event

On June 6, we will hold the friendly matches.

One team consists of 6 people.
Games will be played from the morning till the late afternoon.
Simplified tools are provided on the day.
We are using simplified tools like plastic bats and rubber balls.
You can join as a team. If you just come to the venue with your friends, you can make a team with other people on the day.
If there are not enough people, our staff members can help you make a team.
We also welcome beginners.

For first-year students, new recruits, people who haven't done enough exercise recently or anybody, this will be a good opportunity.
Let's get together!

DATE June 6, 2021
The event can be cancelled due to the requests to refrain from non-essential outings by the administration or the situation about the spread of the new coronavirus.
TIME 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Application deadline May 31, 2021
PLACE Omiya Kenpo Ground [S-Field]
ADDRESS : 113-1 Futatsumiya, Nishi-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
URL : Omiya Kenpo Ground
URL : S-Field
ACCESS Access to Omiya Kenpo Ground
*More detailed explanation(Japanese)
ORGANIZER CrickeTRY2021 Executive Committee
The participation fee ¥1,500/person with souvenir
Entry closed

For entry inquiries, please contact kenny@cricket.ne.jp

[ Notes ]

  • Bring your own lunch and drink.
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Come in comfortable clothes or change clothes at the venue.
  • Parking at the venue is free.
  • If you come by train, you can take a bus from Omiya station. Please allow enough time for it as there are not many services.
  • As for a cancellation for rain, please check the official website of the venue. They will announce the latest information at 6 am on the day.
  • We will announce further details about the event soon.

The photo of June 6 has been uploaded to Facebook.

A kitchen car will appear at the cricket exchange event on June 6th.

We sell "BBQ Pork Cheese Sandwich" and "Oni On Curry"!
Drinks will be non-alcoholic beer, tea and sports drinks. Alcohol will not be prepared this time.

  • BBQ pork cheese sandwich : 800yen
    First 80 meals

    Hot sandwich sandwiched between juicy pork and cheese.

  • Demon on curry : 800yen
    First 20 meals

    A chicken spice curry with plenty of onions that doubles the onions used for the base.